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Break Through Advertising Clutter 

With Birthday Mailers 

The Direct Mail That Gets Opened!!

Consumers receive direct mail advertising and promotions everyday – and most of it doesn’t make it past the trash can, but there’s one piece of mail people always open: birthday cards addressed to them.  Birthday Mailers puts the power of a personal birthday card to work for your business with a unique direct mail program that gets opened, gets read and gets results.   

The eye-catching attention-getting Birthday Mailer is printed on top quality, glossy stock to create a positive impression on recipients. The mailer is clearly identified as containing special birthday greetings and gifts – so it will stand out and, most importantly, get opened. 

  • Birthday Mailers uses an exclusive data file list of peoples’ birthdays compiled and matched with special zip code territory mapping software to target these prospects and mail them a Birthday Mailer in the month of their birthday
  • Birthday Mailers targets your prospects geographically so there’s virtually no wasted audience
  • You can afford to make your offer one with true value – ensuring a response 2 to 5 times greater than the average rate for direct mail.
  • Your customized offer will bring in new customers every month. That’s what makes Birthday Mailers so unique – and so effective

·        Your investment is relatively low – but the impact is tremendous 

Decide On Your Birthday Offer – And Let Us Do The Rest 

Best of all, Birthday Mailers is so easy! Once you sign the Merchant Advertising Agreement, you determine the offer for your Birthday Gift Certificate. Whether it’s a free service, gift merchandise or a substantial discount, the greater the value, the better your response will be. Then we work with you using our easy modularized Gift Certificate Creation Form to design your personalized gift certificate, quickly and at no additional cost. 



Birthday Mailers

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