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Resource Web Marketing’s comprehensive suite of services is designed to take the hassle out of computing -- making your life easier, whether at home or the office.

Our highly skilled & experienced staff offers confidential in home and office services designed to make your life easier.

In Home Services



Internet Monitoring

·      Monitor Web Sites visited

·      Monitor Instant Message exchanges (Special software needed)

·      Block Hackers/Block Spyware 

·   Virus Detection and Repair

Hardware/Software Upgrades

·        Install CD-ROMs, DVD players

·        Increase RAM

·        Add printer ports, network cards



Home Office Services


·      Set Up – printers, scanners, digital cameras

·     Complete networking – wired and wireless

·     Intensive cleaning – hard drive, keyboard and monitor

·    Web Page design and hosting  

·   Virus Detection and Repair


Computer Training

·        Microsoft Office 2000, 2003

·        Act (Contact Management)

·        General Internet & e-mail usage

·    Windows 95, 98 and XP, XP Pro

·    Printing, Faxing and File Mgmt.




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